A Simple Rhythm



Hotdocs 2011

RIDM, Montréal 2011

Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema 2011

Plus Camerimage, Polad 2011

Vancouver International Film Festival 2010

Calgary International Film Festival 2010



"A Simple Rhythm" is a philosophical exploration of rhythm and synchronization. Utilizing recorded conversations with interview subjects including Mathematical Theorist Steven H. Strogatz (Cornell University), Roger D. Nelson (Director of the Global Consciousness Project, Princeton University) and Juno Award winning musician Charles Spearin (The Happiness Project, Broken Social Scene, Do Make Say Think), the film connects their diverging disciplines through one topic; our unconscious tendency to keep in step.

Told through a unique cinematic perspective and a densely layered soundscape, the filmmaker roots theoretical and academic topics with metaphoric images of the every day.

52 mins